Our Goal

We are attempting to do the impossible.  After producing countless sketches, shorts, and feature films over the course of the last six years, we are a team devoted to producing a fully fleshed-out Doctor Who fanfic, that ISN’T terrible, of course.  

Our story follows the second-to-the-last living Galifreyan in the known universe, a similarly unnamed man as he struggles to escape Earth.  This particular Doctor is far from his altruistic species’ typical archetype, as he is completely self-serving, narcissistic, solipsistic, and egocentric: while simultaneously being fully aware of such.  

What if the Doctor, wasn’t?  This was basically the concept that we had as we began pre-production on a series that looks to explore what the most powerful being in the universe would be without a TARDIS, and without any sense of optimism or care for justice.  

What we need now, in the beginning stages of rewrites, location scouting, and preliminary set design, are contributions from the Who-niverse!  ANY and all donations will go SUCH a long way!  Please visit our IndieGoGo and help the Who-niverse expand and create something wholly original for Whovians everywhere!